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buy banner impressions for your advertisementSometimes banner advertisements are the best way to get targeted traffic to your website. When a visitor from our ad site network views one of your banners they are more likely to be truly interested in visiting your site when they click the ad. This is because we do not force or trick anyone into clicking banner ads, like you get at poor quality traffic exchanges and PTC sites. Instead, you get banner impressions shown throughout our extensive network in the category YOU choose and, if your ad looks appealing, the visitor will click ONLY if he or she wants to see more about what you have to offer them. It's the ultimate in targeting!!

Please note that we cannot guarantee a specific CTR, as it depends on the visual appeal of your own ad. All we do is provide the impressions so yours is seen, but it's the visitor's decision to clickthru or not. This actually makes the visit of the highest quality possible from a paid traffic source!

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Your banner can be 468x60, 728x90, 300x250, 120x600 or 160x600 px, and must conform with the IAB standards (no offensive visuals shown or malicious content served).

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Your campaign details (including control panel login) will be emailed to your Paypal address within 24 hours of payment received. Contact us if you need a banner created at a reasonable cost of only $5 and up.