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buy ppc text ad clicks to your sitePPC (pay per click) advertising is preferred by people who only want to pay when there is a click-thru to their website from a text ad. This is useful when you have a very specific product, program or opportunity that you want to "pre-sell" with a short description to grab the visitor's interest before reading more on your site. The problem with most PPC campaigns is that they can get expensive very quickly, as you are bidding for placement against other buyers. It can easily run $1 or more per click! Well, that's NOT a problem with us, as we show your text ad on our large network of sites through a pre-paid plan where you are buying in bulk in advance at only 12-20 cents per click. Once you are "locked in" when your chosen plan is purchased, then your CPC (cost per click) will NEVER INCREASE!

Target ONLY those people who truly have an interest in your offer! Category and country targeting available for USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Europe or bulk Worldwide.

We offer 2 price levels, at 12 and 20 cents USD per click. The difference in pricing is due to the ad weight, in that the higher cost equals more ad views/impressions. A CPC of 12 cents has an ad weight of 30% and 20 cents is 50% of the time. IMPORTANT: Some campaigns can take a long time to fulfill all clicks, as we have no control over how many real visitors will be interested in clicking through your ad. There is no time limit or expiry on campaigns, but please allow a few weeks or more for larger packages to be completed.

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