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Traffic Exchange HitsWe realize not every customer wants or needs our higher priced premium country and category targeted traffic found here. Sometimes you just want quick website HITS at a cheap, rock bottom, price. Well, this is the page for you! Read on...

This very affordable traffic comes from the Hitleap traffic exchange surf site, where we have a large bulk deal allowing us to pass the savings on to you at cheaper rates than even they can charge to you directly! This is NOT bot software and the visits are entirely trackable in stat counters, such as Google Analytics.

BONUS: If you want to hide the TE as your referring site, then just let us know and we will give you a code to add to your site that will show ANY website you want in your stats as your referrer, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc. at NO EXTRA CHARGE!

We cannot target specific countries with this deal, and visitors will be worldwide, but most will usually show as coming from USA. Since your site will be rotated in a traffic exchange, then whatever link you use should be usable in a TE, so check the terms of any 3rd party website or short url service you use to make sure that they allow TE's (Ad.fly, for example, does NOT allow these kinds of hits).

Further, the timer is set at 10 seconds, so 100% bounce rate, and no sales/signups should be expected, as this kind of web traffic service is meant for things like monetizing PTP with CPM campaigns, padding other traffic sources and inflating stats for site flipping. Please do not order if you are not sure this service is right for you!

You can also choose the duration of your campaign, up to 30 days. For example, if you purchase 10000 visits, then they can be delivered at a rate of 1000 every day for 10 days, or 5000 for 2 days, etc. It's your choice!

NO adult sites (visits for that are available here) and no sites with pop ups, viruses, malware, etc. Let us know if you have any questions.

Contact us if you need visits longer than 10secs. and we'll arrange a custom order for you!

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